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Air Plant Monthly subscription box.

This is a fun gift to give to yourself or a loved one. 

New to air plants just want to try them out or are you a regular air plant enthusiast and just not sure what you want to add to your collection. Want to send a loved one a monthly suprise gift at a low cost, look no further.

This monthly subscription is a great way to start or add to an air plant collection.

This is a surprise box you will receive monthly but can cancel at anytime.

We will send you what is best that month. Maybe it is a few of our lovely bloomers that are just starting to pop, or some fun colorful small to medium plants that are just starting to blush in their color. Could also be a larger plant from our stock, blushing xerographicas or curly steptos. Maybe you have been wanting a finished piece to hang inside your home or set on a desk. This surprise box can also include one of our fun jelly fish shell hangers or shell garden displays. 


Air Plant Monthly Surprise Box