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****We are shipping as normal and  taking extra measures to make sure all our plants are safe to ship out to your homes. USPS is running SLOW (up to 15 days slow) on some first class mail. USPS has stated this on their website, phone and the news. Standard Mail is first class mail in our shop. USPS PRIORITY is running pretty normal and quick on avg 2-5 days. You can choose priority at check out to help your package get to you quicker and we will ship it priority mail***********

Extra large Large single pink capitata 

Beautiful extra large pink capitata. 
Plant blooms purple flowers upon maturity with good bright indirect light and care. 

Plant in picture is not one you will receive but plant you receive will be similar and same variety. Pic is to give idea of variety and size. 

Plant is color enhanced using a safe process that is safe for the plant and won't hurt it. Color will last anywhere from couple months to couple years.

Easy care!!! Do not put in soil. Can put in any container glass, wire, plate, metal, stone, wood, the ideas are endless as long as it is does not hold water and is not made of copper. Air plants like to get wet then dry out so do not keep them wet. Air plants and copper do not mix it is a lethal metal to them. 
Can be grown outside in warmer temperatures, partial shade or bright indirect light. Place in your favorite tree next to your hammock. 
Water weekly.  We email you detailed care instructions when you order. Ship simple and are always here for care questions as air plants care is dictated by their environment. So reach out anytime to get a tailored care plan to your environment. 


I've been selling plants for over 19 years. Your more than welcome to ask me any questions about care and I can guarantee your getting a great product.

!!!!Heat packs are sold out as of 2/22 until March if you need a heat pack wait till they are back in stock to order or until your temps warm up. Cold temps below 40degrees can damage and even kill your plant during shipping!!!!!

Air Plant Large Pink Capitata Single Airplant tillandsia wholesale beach plant