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B-Grade iona. Make sure to view all pictures as these are bgrade plants. Healthy plants however they have some brown tips and are a lot rimmed more than normal. These are great starter plants to become your own mother stock. These plants have also not gone through their color change or bloom so ypu will still be able to enjoy that process

ndividual Air Plant. Iona Tillandsia

Ranges in size from 1-3"

Air plant may come to you green if we do not have any red/pink in stock. Air plant will turn red and bloom a purple flower.

Tillandsia Ionantha aka Iona

Native to Cosa Rica Mexico

Ionas are a smaller variety of air plants they range when mature from 2-3"

Iona's only flower once in their entire life cycle and change to a vibrant red towards maturity. This color change is only temporary and happens only once. Which is why we try to send them out green so the new owner can enjoy the color change and bloom.

Iona's start out green as juveniles

As mentioned each Iona will only flower once. However once the flower has dried remove by gently plucking the petals and removing the stalk as this promotes babies (aka "pups")

Iona's are a clumping Variety of air plant and if you prefer not to remove the pups they will form massive clumps over time. As leaves dry gently pull them away from the with sideways tugs. If the leaf resists it is not ready to be removed yet. The mother will eventually dry up and you can remove her from the pups. The gap that is left will be filled in eventually by pups.

Air Plant B-Grade Iona