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What are Air Plants Tillandsia?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Welcome to Twisted Acres! Glad you could join us and enter into our fun world of twisting nature and art together. We mainly focus in Air Plants but we have so much more to offer you.

Air Plants.....What are they? Many people have never heard of an air plant before. Some people get confused by the name........"Do they grow on air?" Short answer sorta but they still need water and care.

Tillandsias is the scientific name, air plant is the common name they were labeled because they grow high up in the trees. Air Plants are an Epiphyte meaning they do not need soil to grow. Being an Epiphyte allows air plants to grow in many places that would not seem normal to the average grower.

Tell me more.......

Air Plants are a genus of over 600 species. Add in that growers all over the world have made many different hybrids of these different varieties. There are now over a thousand different varieties when you add in the hybrids.

Air Plants bloom upon maturity some even change color with bright indirect sunlight. Around their bloom cycle air plants will sprout off babies called pups along their base. Those pups can be wiggled free once they are half the size of the momma plant.

Air Plants are related to bromeliads and their closest relative is the pineapple. Air plants get their nutrients through their leaves. Giving their leaves a good soaking or misting is the best way to water. Air plants have roots but they are not for nutritional purposes and they use these roots to anchor themselves onto things in nature. These roots are not parasitic just used to secure them to an object to keep them safe during windstorms and heavy rains. Mainly grown in tropical environments air plants can be found all over the world.

Stay tuned!

Check out our website for more info on care and commonly asked questions. We will talk more in the future about care and those commonly asked questions in our blog.

Plus we look forward to showing you more of what is happening with us as we grow and expand.

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