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Welcome to Twisted Acres
Air Plant 

Where Art & Nature Come Together

Emporium--  a store carrying many different kinds of merchandise

Air Plant Emporium is the name of our headquarters. Air plants is our main product but this location will be more than that. We are just in the beginning stages of making our dreams a reality at this location. We just started working on the building. We have one of 15 rooms started. We have our gift shop and customer greenhouse open to start.

We have many ideas for this space and will be looking toward our talented community to join us along the way.

We look forward to the evolution and growth of this space.


Now Open

Come shop with us at Air Plant Emporium for specialty items not available online or at our local markets

1940 Maravilla Ave.

Fort Myers, Fl 33901

Greenhouse Open

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Open 10am-3pm

Thursday, Friday

Open 10am-2pm

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